They contain white sugar, sometimes as much as 60-75%. This means a high calory count with no nutritional value.


They contain coconut sugar, which has most minerals and vitamins among all kinds of natural sugar. Optionally, organic cane sugar.


They are mainly made based on purified ingredients, which contain practically no valuable microelements.


Due to the use of natural, minimally processed raw materials, they are a valuable source of mineral ingredients.


After eating a large amount of sweets containing white sugar we can become drowsy and also have hunger pangs.


Coconut sugar simply gives you more energy for a longer time.


They contain cows milk, and therefore lactose and casein.


Most of our products do not contain cows milk, which means no lactose and casein.


They also contain high fructose corn syrup, which is considered one of the causes of obesity.


They do not contain high fructose corn syrup.


They do not contain any dietary fibre.


A high source of fibre.


They are based on solid vegetable fats, including palm fats, which may be harmful to health. They also often contain trans fats.


They contain healthy coconut, cocoa and sunflower fats, which do not have cholesterol and trans fats.


They are made based on artificially obtained and processed raw materials, colourings and flavourings.


They do not have any artificial additives – they are totally natural.


They mostly contain milk proteins and whey.


They only contain only plant proteins (apart from dairy products).


They contain products of animal origin.


Vegan (except for dairy products).

They are usually over-sweet.


An exceptional and delicate flavour that is not over-sweet.

They often contain few or no hazelnuts, which is masked by artificial flavouring.

  For their production, we use real nuts (hazelnuts and pistachio nuts), which contain plenty of valuable minerals.






You need the coconut milk, sunflower protein, fiber from acacia and cranberry
(or some other fruit)#



Mix all of the ingredients with the water well#



Add the rest of the ingredients: cocoa sugar and rice syrup#



Mix all of the ingredients carefully and boil over low heat. 
Be careful to not to burn the cream#



Boil the cream until it gets the consistency of the honey.
Watch out! It is very hot#



Pour the cream into the mold and leave it until it gets cool#



When the mass will be cool, then you can cut it into pieces#



Now the delicious and ecological fudge are ready!#