We would like to change the world.

Ok, we are well aware that it may not be possible straight away, that’s why we’re starting on our own front door step. Steadily, step by step, we will reach our goals:
#Firstly, we want to offer everyone delicious, healthy sweets.
#Secondly, gradually change the eating habits of people all around the world for good.



Our products have been created for those among us who have a sweet tooth, also for those who to keep a watchful eye on the amount of sweets they consume due to different kinds of food allergies or even illnesses, such as diabetes and last, but not least, for those who simply care about their health and carefully read food labels.


What’s our idea?

What’s our idea? It’s simple: we do what we do best, we make use of our extensive know-how and are thoroughly engaged in ensuring that our product Super Fudgio, is as healthy and delicious as it can possibly be.




Super Fudgio is a super sweet. We worked on the recipes for several months and we can boldly say that, we are proud of the results.

We have managed to create a sweet, which is both outstandingly tasty and, at the same time, exceptionally healthy because it has been made using ecological coconut milk and sugar.


    Super Fudgio products are made without using cow’s milk, so they do not contain any lactose or casein.


Sounds sweet? We think so too.

So? Do you fancy a Super Fudgio ?

Anything you don’t understand? Super Fudgio will explain it all.